Regain Dental Stability with Effective Loose Teeth Treatment

Comprehensive Solutions for Loose Teeth in Adults

Loose teeth in adults can be a distressing sign of advanced gum disease, known as periodontal disease. Over time, bacteria in the mouth can weaken the gums, ligaments, and other supporting structures, causing the teeth to become loose. At Serenity Dental, we emphasize the importance of maintaining good oral health habits, including regular checkups and cleanings, to prevent such issues. However, even with diligent oral care, teeth can become loose due to factors such as mouth injuries or malocclusion. Whatever the cause, our experienced team is here to help.

Personalized Treatment for Loose Teeth

Addressing the Underlying Causes

At Serenity Dental, we offer personalized treatment options to effectively address loose teeth in Wesley Chapel and Lutz. Our highly skilled team will first diagnose the underlying cause of your loose teeth, whether it is gum disease, malocclusion, or other factors. Once the cause is identified, we can tailor the treatment plan to suit your specific needs.

Our comprehensive approaches include:

  • Directly addressing gum disease to halt its progression
  • Correcting malocclusion to improve the stability of teeth
  • Placing crowns to rebalance misaligned teeth and provide additional support
  • Fitting you with a custom night guard to prevent tooth grinding
  • Splinting the loose tooth to secure it to the base for stability

Advanced Solutions for Irreparable Cases

Dental Implants and Partial Dentures

In some cases, loose teeth may be irreparable and require extraction. At Serenity Dental, our experienced dentists are well-versed in advanced tooth replacement options such as dental implants and partial dentures. If extraction is necessary, we can discuss these restorative options to help you regain dental function and aesthetics. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome for your oral health.

If you are experiencing loose teeth, Serenity Dental is here to help you address the underlying causes and provide effective treatment options. Led by Dr. Nilash Patel and Dr. Nitash Patel, our experienced team is dedicated to restoring your oral health and ensuring your comfort. Whether gum disease, malocclusion, tooth grinding, or other factors are causing your loose teeth, we offer personalized treatment approaches to suit your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards resolving loose teeth and improving your oral health. We proudly serve the communities of Land O’Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, New Tampa, Pebble Creek, and the surrounding Tampa Bay area.

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