Treatment for Sensitive Teeth in Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel & Zephyrhills

sensitive-teethExposure to hot, cold, or sweet food or beverages can produce the painful revelation that you suffer from sensitive teeth. One of the best ways to combat tooth sensitivity is to regularly visit the comprehensive dental care professionals at Serenity Dental. The staff and doctors at Serenity can provide advice on how to avoid or reduce the shocking pain that can stop you in your tracks when your teeth exhibit sensitivity.

Sensitive teeth are the result of nerve root exposure, usually caused by receding gums or worn tooth enamel. For most people, tooth sensitivity is at its greatest between the ages of 25 and 30, although it can become progressively worse as time goes by. Common causes of tooth sensitivity include:

  • Brushing too aggressively, or using bristles that are too hard
  • Recession or tooth decay near the gum line
  • Teeth that are cracked
  • Plaque build-up
  • Excessive use of some tooth whitening products or certain mouthwash products
  • Foods that are acidic

Serenity Dental can also provide more than advice on sensitive teeth. Drs. Nilash and Nitash Patel are experienced in a wide range of dental procedures that may be able to relieve tooth-related pain, including fillings, veneers, dental crowns, gum disease treatment, and other restorative procedures. Of course, the best method for avoiding the pain of tooth sensitivity is to practice good oral hygiene, including regular visits to Serenity for teeth cleaning and an oral exam. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our three locations in Lutz/Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and Zephyrhills.