Replacing Your Denture with a Dental Implant Option

Are you wearing a removable denture that is uncomfortable? Is it slipping and interfering with what you can eat, how often you can drink, how you speak? Are you concerned about its appearance?

If you are no longer satisfied with your denture, dental implant treatment will make a world of difference to your comfort, function, and social confidence. A complimentary consultation in our Serenity Dental office with Dr. Nitash Patel, makes it easy to make the best decision for yourself, based on the information that is specific to your own oral health circumstances and the latest implant treatment options available today.

What Options Are Available?

One or more implants can be placed to act as stabilizers for a partial denture, and as few as four or more implants can be placed to stabilize a full arch denture.

Different implant components and methods have been developed for a variety of bone density situations and to provide a choice of cost points. For example, you can have your denture relined or a new denture made to snap on and off implants, or you can have a denture “fixed” on implants. This latter type of treatment for replacing a full arch removable overdenture requires more expensive components but is the most like having a set of real, healthy, aligned teeth for the ultimate in masticatory function, convenience, and natural appearance.

Dr. Nitash Patel will be happy to discuss the options that are appropriate for your specific situation and to guide you.

What Benefits Will You Experience?

Implant treatment to replace your current removable denture will:

Patients who have had implant treatment commonly say they wish they had had the treatment much sooner. More and more patients are choosing implant treatment over a bridge or removable denture when faced with the loss of one or more teeth because the results are predictably long lasting and the most like natural teeth.

We invite you to schedule a complimentary initial implant consultation with Dr. Nitash Patel. Call today!