Dental Implant Restoration

Our dental implant dentist at Serenity Dental in Land O’Lakes (Lutz), Florida –Dr. Nitash Patel, has placed and restored thousands of dental implants. He is so skilled that other dentists come to him to learn procedures. If you have concerns about a failing tooth, a missing tooth or teeth, or dislike your current bridge or denture, Dr. Nitash Patel will be happy to provide an initial or second opinion consultation. If you are concerned about an implant supported prosthesis already in your mouth, we invite you to give us a call. Learn what is possible for you when it comes to a naturally appearing, beautiful smile that functions strongly and comfortably and will last.

At Serenity Dental of Florida, our dentists work closely with the certified dental lab technicians that create implant restorations. Each restoration, whether it be a single implant crown, a multi-tooth implant retained crown, or a full denture supported by a few implants is custom manufactured for precise fit, function, and aesthetics.

Dr. Nitash Patel takes time with patients and doesn’t hurry them to make treatment decisions. He wants his patients to be confident and comfortable every step of the way. The first step is an oral health evaluation and imaging that will allow Dr. Patel to diagnose your specific needs, plan optimal treatment for you, and estimate the costs involved. In consultation, you will partner in planning your individualized treatment, and our team will help in every way they can to help make your treatment affordable. Give us a call today.

Serenity Dental Live Procedure: Implant Placement

Serenity Dental Live Procedure: Implant Crown Placement