Dental Implant Bone Grafting

Dr. Nitash Patel provides comprehensive dental implant services at our Land O’Lakes (Lutz) location at 1849 Collier Parkway. One of these services is the placement of bone grafts to restore bone following tooth loss, tooth extraction, periodontal (gum) disease, or trauma. If your jaw lacks adequate bone where an implant needs to be placed, bone grafting is a simple procedure that can be done by Dr. Nitash Patel using local anesthetic.

If you are having one or more teeth extracted, Dr. Patel may recommend a bone graft at the time of extraction. Immediate placement of osseous material will speed up bone healing where the tooth was removed, preserve the bone ridge, and eliminate or reduce the need for additional bone grafting prior to implant placement.

As part of optimal, predictable treatment, Dr. Nitash Patel will do a thorough diagnostic workup of your mouth, including detailed imaging. If you will benefit from a bone graft in your upper or lower jaw, you will be fully informed about your individualized treatment and what to expect. If you suffer from gum disease or other oral health concerns, Dr. Patel will recommend the treatment you need to eliminate these conditions before performing a bone graft.

If you are considering dental implant treatment, you owe it to yourself to call Serenity Dental in Land O’Lakes (Lutz). You will receive a wealth of information to help you make the best choices to restore your oral health, function and smile. Dr. Nitash Patel promises to make your procedure comfortable and will personally follow up after you go home. You will be provided with post-surgery instructions, and we are only a phone call away should you have a postoperative concern or question. When you are our patient, you are always our priority.

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