TMD Treatment with BOTOX® or Xeomin®

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder – “TMD” — can cause significant, widespread discomfort. Treatment using BOTOX® or Xeomin® injections successfully relaxes muscle tension and may be the solution to your TMD if other TMD treatments have failed. The injection of BOTOX or Xeomin has helped many who suffer from TMD related headaches, jaw muscle pain, and other severe symptoms of TMD.

Drs. Nilash and Nitash Patel of Serenity Dental in Lutz and Wesley Chapel, FL, have expertise in comprehensive diagnosis and the full range of TMJ/TMD treatments. A number of factors may be involved in your TMD, and BOTOX or Xeomin injection may not be the most appropriate course of treatment for you. If either of the Doctors Patel suggest BOTOX or Xeomin injection can be tried to alleviate your symptoms, be assured that it is a safe treatment that will prevent the temporomandibular muscles from engaging in powerful subconscious clenching and grinding. Muscle tenderness will start to disappear almost immediately.

Pharmacologicaly, the main difference between the two is that Xeomin uses the purest form of incobotulinumtoxinA, lacking some proteins that BOTOX contains. This, however, makes little to no difference in the overall result. Patients who want quicker results tend to use Xeomin, because once it is injected the protein becomes active immediately. Within 48 hours of injection with either drug, most sufferers of severe TMD pain are relieved of headaches and jaw pain. For some patients, pain continues to subside over a period of a week. The results typically last four to six months.
Dr. Nilash Patel and Dr. Nitash Patel understand the pharmacology and possible side effects of BOTOX or Xeomin treatment and will review your medical history before recommending it. This treatment should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation. Our dentists will be happy to discuss the minimal risks associated with the treatment and ascertain if you will benefit from this treatment as an alternative or in addition to other therapies for TMJ muscle pain.

Serenity Dental Live Procedure: TMD Treatment with BOTOX