Elevating Precision and Comfort

Staying on the Forefront of Dental Technology

At Serenity Dental, Dr. Nilash and Dr. Nitash Patel are committed to remaining at the forefront of dental technology. By embracing state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we continuously strive to enhance patient comfort, reduce treatment time, and achieve unparalleled precision for predictably optimal results. Our dedication to harnessing advanced dental technology exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care.

Orthodontic Excellence and Acceleration

Invisalign® and the PROPEL© System

We offer orthodontic care that combines the popular Invisalign® aligners with the orthodontic acceleration capabilities of the PROPEL© System. This innovative combination allows us to provide efficient and effective orthodontic treatment, reducing the time required to achieve desired results. Invisalign® offers discreet and comfortable teeth straightening, while the PROPEL© System accelerates tooth movement, resulting in shorter treatment duration and enhanced orthodontic outcomes.

Transforming Smiles with 3D Simulation

Invisalign® Outcome Simulator and iTero Scanner

To give you a glimpse of your future smile, we utilize 3D simulation technology. Through the InvisaligOutcome Simulator®, we can visually present the potential results of your Invisalign® treatment, allowing you to envision your transformed smile before beginning the journey. Our advanced iTero scanner, a specially designed intraoral camera, captures digital 3D impressions of your mouth quickly and comfortably within 5 to 10 minutes. These impressions serve as the foundation for creating before-and-after treatment 3D images, aiding in treatment planning and communication.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

Straumann Dental Implants

At Serenity Dental, we prioritize implant dentistry with Straumann Dental Implants, a globally renowned implant company. These premium dental implants offer exceptional quality, durability, and biocompatibility, ensuring the long-term success and natural-looking aesthetics of your implant restorations. With our expertise in implant placement and restoration, combined with the use of advanced technology, we deliver outstanding results that enhance both functionality and appearance.

Unveiling Clear Insights with 3D CBCT

Sophisticated Diagnostic Testing and Guided Implant Placement

To obtain detailed and comprehensive diagnostic information, we utilize 3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography (3D CBCT) scans in our own office. This advanced imaging technology provides us with clear insights into your dental structures, facilitating accurate treatment planning and precise implant placement. With 3D CBCT-guided dental implants, we can ensure optimal positioning and maximize the success of your implant procedures, further enhancing the safety and efficacy of your treatment.

At Serenity Dental, we are committed to leveraging advanced dental technology in our Lutz and Wesley Chapel offices to elevate the level of care we provide. From orthodontic excellence and smile simulation to superior implant dentistry and advanced diagnostic capabilities, our state-of-the-art tools enable us to deliver exceptional outcomes with enhanced comfort and precision. Experience the transformative power of our advanced technology by scheduling an appointment with us today.

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