Same Day Root Canal and Temporary Crown

Dentists Nilash and Nitash Patel offer affordable dental crowns and also affordable root canal treatment. You can have a root canal, crown preparation, and temporary crown in one day. Because your temporary crown is made of durable, tooth-colored dental resin, you’ll go home ready to confidently smile and comfortably chew.

Over the next two to three weeks, your custom dental crown will be designed in meticulous detail and made in our state-of-the-art partnering dental lab. When you come back to have the temporary crown removed and the custom crown bonded into place, your restored tooth will look completely natural and optimally esthetic.

If you need a root canal, our endodontic specialist will do it in our office before your Serenity dentist prepares your tooth for a crown, takes impressions, and seats a temporary crown. By offering these combined procedures in our office, we keep your dentistry more affordable. And, we can immediately proceed with your restorative treatment.

The Combined Root Canal and Crown Treatment Experience

Root canal therapy will be gently performed in our office using powerful local anesthetic. Our endodontist will create a small access chamber in the top of your tooth. Through this chamber, the root canal specialist can reach the soft pulp that fills the inside. The infected pulp of the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned out, including the root canals, and the interior of the tooth carefully reshaped. You will only feel a mild pressure during your treatment. When your tooth is bacteria-free, a sealant will be applied to the inside your tooth. Then, the endodontist will fill the chamber with gutta percha, a soft rubber compound.

At this point the root canal therapy is completed and you are ready for the crown restoration to begin. Dr. Nilash Patel or Dr. Nitash Patel will remove your tooth enamel and reshape the tooth to receive a crown. Impressions of your mouth will be taken, and a tooth-colored provisional crown will be placed on the prepared tooth. This short-term restoration will reduce sensitivity before your next appointment and allow you to eat normally. It will also make your smile appear natural.

Your dentist will guide you in the selection of the crown materials that are most appropriate for your situation. Models of your mouth and detailed instructions will be delivered to our nearby partnering lab, and your Serenity dentist will meet with the certified lab technician who is making your crown.

The best crown material or materials are often determined by the forces of your bite and esthetic considerations. Crowns can be made of all porcelain, porcelain fused to gold, porcelain fused to zirconium, all zirconium, all gold, or a state-of-the-art lithium disillicate ceramic. The advantages, disadvantages and relative costs of the various types of crowns will be discussed with you before you make your decision.

More and more crowns are being made of all zirconium or lithium disillicate ceramic due to the longer lasting esthetics of these materials. Serenity Dental of Florida is proud to offer the finest all-ceramic crowns from IPS e.max.

We make root canals and dental crowns in Tampa easy.

Contact Serenity Dental of Florida if you are looking for dentists who care deeply about their patients and will make your visit exceptional. We offer same-appointment root canal therapy, dental crown preparation, and a temporary crown in our convenient Wesley Chapel or Land O’Lakes (Lutz) locations. Go home in comfort—ready to smile and chew.