Do you have sensitive teeth?

Our dentists and hygienists at Serenity Dental can advise you about oral hygiene products that help re-mineralize and desensitize your teeth. Calcium phosphate products are now available that contain a synthetic mineral composed of calcium, sodium, phosphorous and silica. When this material binds to the tooth surface, it not only strengthens the tooth surface but also releases the synthetic mineral into the enamel when the tooth is exposed to acids. This has been proven effective for making teeth less sensitive and for re-mineralizing enamel lesions. Sensodyne Pronamel is a well known brand of toothpaste for sensitive but there are others, including Age Defying Toothpaste by Arm and Hammer and Colgate Enamel Health.

You should also make sure you are minimizing acidic foods and beverages, and cleaning your mouth thoroughly after eating and drinking. When you read the toothpaste product labels, look for the ingredient amorphous calcium phosphate.