At Serenity Dental of Tampa, Dental Implants Lutz and Dental Implants Wesely Chapel Come with the Promise of True Value

Dental Implants Lutz

Tampa area residents want peace of mind when it comes to predictable value and results in dental implants. Drs. Nilash and Nitash Patel value quality care and patient satisfaction over seeing a high volume of patients. When you come to Serenity Dental, you can expect their full attention and a care team that wants your experience to be comfortable. This means that giving you peace of mind is a priority, too.

If you are considering one or more dental implants because you want the quality of life benefits that come with them, you also want to know that your dental implants will be planned and placed by an expert who knows how to give you the most appropriate treatment for your circumstances. You also want the assurance that the highest quality materials will be used.

Serenity Dental emphasizes quality, and yet, fees are affordable.

Serenity’s dentists use only Straumann dental implants. All of the research and clinical trials done in universities across the US have tested Straumann implants—even on a microscopic level. Other implant systems that copy the Straumann implant have not been through the same rigorous testing, and their efficacy on a microscopic level is not fully established. The efficacy of Straumann implants has been studied to determine how well bone integrates with the implant and how long this period of osseo-integration takes. Because of these studies, you can be assured of superior results.

If you require a bone graft, you can be assured that you are receiving human bone, not less expensive cow, pig or synthetic bone. The human bone used is from the nationally known company Lifenet and meets strict federal guidelines. In the 12 years that Lifenet has been a supplier of bone, there has never been a bone graft rejection.

Peace of mind comes with knowing what your dental implants will cost

and that the doctor doing your dental implants is working to make it as affordable as possible. Long term satisfaction and a returning happy patient is the goal. Compare Serenity’s Dental Implants Lutz and Dental Implants Wesely Chapel fees with those of oral surgeons, and give us a call to schedule your dental implant evaluation appointment