Crown and Bridge Treatment

Your nearby dentist in the O’Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Zephyrhills communities is at Serenity Dental. Here, Drs. Nilash and Nitash Patel provide individualized treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. We do this with compassion, concern for your preferences, and as affordably as we can.

No one likes to lose a tooth, but when it happens, the gap in your smile can be filled with a removable partial denture, a fixed dental bridge that is suspended between two dental crowns, or an implant retained prosthetic tooth (implant crown). Whenever possible we recommend a fixed bridge or implant crown, because these provide the greatest comfort, function, and natural appearance.

What does Crown and Bridge Treatment involve?

The two teeth that are adjacent to the gap will be prepared for crowns and an impression made. Each of the prepared teeth will be covered with a temporary crown, which you will wear while your custom bridge is made in our dental lab. When the bridge is ready, you will come in for a second appointment, and Dr. Nilash or Dr. Nitash Patel will remove the temporary crowns and fix your custom bridge in place. We will explain how to brush and floss with your bridge in place to maintain a healthy smile.

What problems does Crown and Bridge Treatment solve?

Crown and bridge treatment will allow you to:

Because it is fixed in place, crown and bridge treatment is a stable upgrade if you have a removable partial denture.

Implant Treatment may be your preferred option.

Implant Treatment is initially more expensive than fixed crown and bridge treatment, but it is the longest lasting treatment. Dental implants have become very popular, because most patients want the best results and least number of dental treatments over their lifetime.

Fortunately, Dr. Nitash Patel is one of the Tampa Bay area’s experts in implant placement and restoration, and The Implant Institute of Tampa is located in our office on Collier Parkway in Lutz. If you would like to consider dental implant treatment, call to schedule a complimentary implant consultation with Dr. Nitash Patel.

An exam to assess your needs will allow Dr. Patel to fully inform you about what would be involved for your circumstances and to quote an accurate treatment fee that includes all imaging, implant components, the crown, and Dr. Patel’s time treating you. There are no hidden costs when you come to Serenity Dental. Our office team is exceptional, too, when it comes to helping patients understand their payment options and maximizing their dental benefits!

Look what we can do with a multi-unit implant bridge if you have lost more than one tooth!

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